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Making Accounting Easy for People and Businesses

At Coss Bookkeeping & Accounting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our founder has been in accounting since high school. Trained in college in Texas as a CPA, he worked all over the country before coming to Florida to manage the coding and billing of a doctor’s office. In July 2005, he was recognized by the City of Manassas, Virginia, for services provided as a notary public. Afterwards, he founded our company to better help business and people in the Broward County area. We are fluent in English and Spanish and have clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to small neighborhood bakeries and marine hardware installation companies. Whatever your business model or platform, you can trust us to help you do everything from cash management to employee payrolls.

  • I didn't realize how hard keeping books was going to be. After struggling for a year to keep up, I asked Coss Bookkeeping and Accounting to take over looking after the accounts. It is the best decision I have made thus far, without question.

    -Rick D.


Making Accounting Easy for People and Businesses



It’s no secret that good bookkeeping is the key for maintaining a successful business. It helps you make better informed decisions and long-term business plans. Coss Bookkeeping & Accounting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides a range of reliable accounting services, keeping your financial records in order so you have more time to tend to your customers and grow your business. Whether you are just starting out or have been up and running for a while, you’ll find our accounting services to be invaluable. Specializing in small business accounting, we integrate technology, accounting knowledge, and personal service to make sure your books are balanced and that you have up-to-date financial information.